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Application to [ profile] discedo

OOC Information
Name: Gab
LJ: [ profile] suspensionofd
Contact: fraternite @ plurk
Characters played at Discedo: England

IC Information
Name: Philippe de Bourbon or 'Le Roi-Soleil'
Canon: The Man in the Iron Mask ('98)
Timeline: End of the film, when he and the Three Musketeers paid their respects to D'artagnan.

Canon Resource Link: It's good to be the king. ♔


If the great Sun King of France as we know him had been composed of two parts, the Louis of Alexandre Dumas' "Man in the Iron Mask" would have been the id, and Philippe, the superego.

While the real King Louis is known to be harsh, condescending, cold and beyond all else, cruel, Philippe is the opposite of him in every way. There is a timidity about him, a meekness and a shy resolve that is almost charming. He doesn't speak quickly, nor is he very loud when he does decide to converse with others. Over the course of the film, Philippe grows bolder, but even at the end of the story, he is still reserved and speaks when he must, and his tone is soft and gentle.

To go along with his shy attitudes is some issues with trust due to being locked up in an iron mask by his twin brother, though strangely enough, there are some exceptions that come with this. He was locked up by the musketeer Aramis, though when he encounters him later in his life, he doesn't necessarily trust him but he does seem readily willing to talk with him and to be nice to him, despite the horrible deed that had been done to him. And even when presented with the chance to kill his own brother, or to worsen his brother's seemingly nonexistent guilt, he did not seize the opportunity. It would indicate that he is either too shy to do so, or Philippe is simply not a wrathful person.

This is not t say he doesn't have a temper. He isn't spineless, and when a guard threatens his chance of escape from the Bastille and taunts the musketeers, he knocks the guard out with a headbutt from within his iron mask. And when his father is stabbed more or less accidentally by his brother, Philippe jumps on his brother and begins to strangle him. He doesn't kill him, as D'artagnan says to Philippe, "That is your brother." and he stops and drops the evil Louis. While he is not usually aggressive, Philippe can be a slight bit vindictive, and definitely has a sense of justice that won't prevent him from being aggressive if it means he's doing the right thing.

With his sense of justice also comes compassion, something that his brother didn't have. Although the king is supposed to be cruel, Philippe demonstrates his quasi-philosophical ways when told he should act a certain uncaring way, asking if "this is the king you really want?" to the musketeers. Even having been locked up and stripped of his birthright, it's clear that Philippe possesses the heart of a king. Philippe wouldn't hesitate to hold the door for everyone in a line behind him, nor would he to help a fallen person of any social class. Since he really didn't know he was the King's brother or anything beyond a despised prisoner for so long, Philippe doesn't hold the usual haughtiness that the royalty usually have.

Because only his most trusted friends know of his true identity, Philippe still attempts to present himself as the Sun King to all those that approach him. He is a good king, but along with the usual traits of the superego, his meekness is not characteristic of the real Sun King, so his disguise isn't perfect. He grows nervous easily, and there are points where he'll stammer if he doesn't know a certain custom.

Perhaps because of the times or perhaps just because of Philippe's own good hearted nature, he is also a devout Catholic. When he was in prison, he looked forward to confessing his sins over anything else, and still continues to be a religious man.

Philippe grows very close to Athos in the film, as Athos' son has recently been killed due to the evil King Louis, and ironically enough, Philippe's real father was taken from him by King Louis as well. A lot of what influences Philippe to accept the mission to become the king of France is the possibility of Athos' affection and approval. He looks up to him like a father, and at the very end of the film, humbly requests to be loved by Athos as if he were his own son.

It can be assumed that Philippe has some degree of PTSD from his time spent in the mask, as he still puts the mask on from time to time. He claims that he doesn't feel safe without it, though he isn't seen doing this at the end of the film. Besides the mask, he's also dealing with seeing his mother for the first time ever, having had to learn how to impersonate royalty in three weeks, being captured and put back in the mask, being saved again only to find out the identity of his father and finding out he's illegitimate and then finally, watching his father get killed by his twin brother.

Suffice to say he's a little high strung, this one.

Powers & Abilities: He really doesn't have any. Other than having the 'heart of a king' and being uniquely humble, he doesn't really have any special talents or abilities beyond a little skill in dancing and being compassionate, as he is but a simple boy.

What items will they be bringing with them to Discedo? His iron mask and the clothes on his back, which might come with various jewels and ribbons, plus a little cross he wears around his neck.

Posting Samples
Third-Person Sample:

"Merci, ma mère. Je veux être seul maintenant, s'il vous plaît." said Philippe.

As the last of his new friends walked away, his mother finally leaving him to peace at his father's grave, the 'sun king' glanced behind him, eyeing the outlines of the people leaving with a weary gaze. His attention switched to the plot before him, and carefully settling down until he was on a knee before the grave, Philippe bowed his head.

"Père. Papa, puis-je vous vous appelez çe? 'Papa.' Je voulais demander une question. Si vous êtes d'accord…" said Philippe.

Sucking his top lip between his teeth, the young king chewed for a moment and opened his mouth to speak before closing it again. That was probably ridiculous to do in public, talk to himself, even if he thought he was alone. It had become a habit while he was stuck in the cell, as no one else would talk to him, and he became his only company. Only now, he was king, and everyone he ever wanted to talk to would be willing to speak with him for as long as he liked. That was nice. Only, the one person he really wanted to speak to was now buried beneath his feet, and he had barely had five minutes to talk to his father before he died.

It would have been nice to know if his father had loved him.

The position on his knee was beginning to hurt, so with another peek at the crowd moving in the distance, Philippe decided no one would judge him from this distance if he sat just before the grave. Sniffing, he reached up to rub his cheek. It was a little silly of him to sit here, sentimental and depressed over a man he had never known, over a man who had never known about him. Philippe supposed he could have held that against D'artagnan, but he didn't. Forgiveness might have been difficult for most people, but Philippe found it to be almost pathetically easy. Perhaps it was because he didn't have much pride to hold on to. Or maybe he was just an easy-going sort of person.

"Je veux savoir si vous m'aimiez. Ça n'est pas beaucoup, vraiment." said Philippe.

Whoops, speaking out loud again. A hand reached up to play with the tips of his hair, then to run fingertips down his face. It was almost fascinating to feel the flesh beneath his fingers, and not the cold iron of a mask. He swallowed, then flit his eyes back down to the grave. If his father had known about him to begin with, would have have allowed Louis to lock Philippe up? It occurred to him he could probably ask Athos about it, or Porthos or Aramis, as they had known D'artagnan well. But somewhere, deep down, he knew he wouldn't be able to find a satisfactory answer if it wasn't from his father's lips. He'd barely known D'artagnan, and yet, losing him like he did stung him.

"Alors… je suppose je vais parler avec vous plus tard, papa. Peut-être. Adieu." said Philippe, rising to his feet and brushing down his tights. With one final glance cast back to the plot, to the engraving of the mask upon it, he smiled and walked over to his horse, taking it by the reigns.

First-Person Sample:

…hallowed be thy name.

[ The image of a man praying, then drawing a cross over his chest flicks on to the screen, a handsome man of 22 speaking in French, though it's an old dialect, one that sounds similar to Quebequoi if nothing else. He glances down at the table in front of him and sighs a little bit. ]

A cruel trick indeed that is being played upon me, without even a priest or even a bible to look at, what if I forget my prayers? [ He sighs, then shakes his head, smiling a little. ]

That is no matter. I am sure that Athos will come and find me. O-or perhaps Aramis, or Porthos? I am sure that the people of France will have noticed their king gone, maybe…

Well. [ A slight furrow of the brows as he realises the irony in that and makes a slight face. ]

I am sure that God has done this for a reason, and I must be a good king. D'artagnan would have said the same thing.

I think.

[ Slight confused green-blues flit over to the communicator, to which he tilts his head to the side. There is a little light lit up on top of it, but there is no way a candle could fit inside of it. He thought it was a sculpture, so he reaches over to pick it up. ]

What sort of magic is this?

[ Fingers reach up to play with the little letters and numbers on the little sculpture thing, and after sending a text containing the letters "kksiwpppq 93;;;;pfffffmercibonsrioquest", he hits something that cuts the feed. ]