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[ Good day, residents of Discedo, Spero and Dissimulo! Today you are going to be grace with the image of a rather attractive regal figure wandering down Main street in Dissimulo with some degree of confusion. There's probably between five hundred thousand and a few million euros worth in jewels on him, not to mention the finest silks, a gorgeous hat and a bright feather adorning the side of his hat, not to mention the most ridiculous tights stretched over his legs. ]

[ Ah, yes. It's good to be the king. ]

[ But, maybe not so much in Philippe's opinion. ]

Hello? Is there anyone here? [ Spoken in fluent, albeit it 17th century accented French, it's clear the poor boy is terrified. Not a very kingly way to act indeed. The wandering figure pauses in step, glancing from side to side, then furrows his brows. ]

If there is indeed someone in this village, I would like very much to speak with him. This is the King of France, King Louis of France, and I-- [ Faltering. ] --I...

It... would be appreciated if anyone would be so kind as to speak to me now. [ With a nod, though an unsure one. ] As you should at a king's request. [ Glancing down, mumbling. ] But if you don't wish to, that is fine as well...

[ And with that, the feed cuts out. The poor boy didn't even know it was on, though. ]

( action )

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[ We'll just use the excuse that America is in Dissimulo to take down all the windchimes from his house so werepires can once again enter. It's a long story. We'll also say that at some point he decided to take a break and go for a horse ride with his pet cockroach because what else is he doing with his time. At this point he spots a very silly looking man and decides to gallop right up to him. ]


[ all. in English. sob. ]

video; horrible accented french

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Aaaaah. You look as delicate as a bowl of untouched rice! Look at those pretty things!
You are the King of France, ne? Yea, okay, okay.
If you just got here, you should know I am the King of this place!

[ S N I C K E R S. ]
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[Getting back from work here and Sora spots the strangely dressed man walking down the street. And sadly, she's not very familiar with French.]

Ah, hello there! You look lost, are you new?

I'll let you know when he's done

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-- [Who is this douchebag and what does he--]

Voice. French.

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( ( Spain answers in familiar (though accented) French. His French might be more fitting of an older man but-- well, Spain is older, after all. ) )

The King? Are you looking for France, Your Majesty?
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[ text ]

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[ Ange's French isn't particularly good. Rather, it's non-existent. But she's able to pick up a few words from the broadcast, and those are enough to make her curious. And she should be able to talk through text, so.. ]

Oh, we have a true king in our midst?


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Er. Uh. H— Salut. Allo.

[He feels a bit awkward, but he just has to know. He has to. Scanian war and everything. Not that he's holding grudges, it was a long time ago, he is not holding any grudges.]

... Quelle est l'année? Pour toi.
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