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☼ accidental video {FRENCH} ⇉ oo1

[ Good day, residents of Discedo, Spero and Dissimulo! Today you are going to be grace with the image of a rather attractive regal figure wandering down Main street in Dissimulo with some degree of confusion. There's probably between five hundred thousand and a few million euros worth in jewels on him, not to mention the finest silks, a gorgeous hat and a bright feather adorning the side of his hat, not to mention the most ridiculous tights stretched over his legs. ]

[ Ah, yes. It's good to be the king. ]

[ But, maybe not so much in Philippe's opinion. ]

Hello? Is there anyone here? [ Spoken in fluent, albeit it 17th century accented French, it's clear the poor boy is terrified. Not a very kingly way to act indeed. The wandering figure pauses in step, glancing from side to side, then furrows his brows. ]

If there is indeed someone in this village, I would like very much to speak with him. This is the King of France, King Louis of France, and I-- [ Faltering. ] --I...

It... would be appreciated if anyone would be so kind as to speak to me now. [ With a nod, though an unsure one. ] As you should at a king's request. [ Glancing down, mumbling. ] But if you don't wish to, that is fine as well...

[ And with that, the feed cuts out. The poor boy didn't even know it was on, though. ]
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[Getting back from work here and Sora spots the strangely dressed man walking down the street. And sadly, she's not very familiar with French.]

Ah, hello there! You look lost, are you new?


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[ Oh, it's a woman... he freezes as she addresses him, then pauses a moment before very awkwardly walking up to her and smiling, then taking her hand and kissing the back of it before dropping it. ]

Je regret, mademoiselle, mais je ne parle pas Anglais. Je suis le roi du France, et je me suis perdu. [ And quickly, he takes out his little communications device and holds it up. Oh man that text translator thing is gonna come in handy. ] Qu'est-ce que c'est?
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[There's a slight blush on her cheeks when he kisses her hand but shakes it off when he speaks. Only French...and she hardly understood him until he showed her the communicator. Didn't the text function translate to any language?

She then took out her own and started typing away, showing him her screen.

Can you understand me now?


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[ With a glance to her box, he seems intrigued for a moment that she carries the same one. His brows set at the text on the screen, and he looks excited and smiles at her, opening his mouth to speak in French, but closes it instead, taking out his own and tapping away at it. After he's done, he shows her his communicator. ]

Yes, indeed, miss, I can understand you. As I said before, I am the King of France, and I am lost. Can you help me?
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[She nods before typing again.]

It's nice to meet you Your Majesty, my name is Sora Naegino.

The town you're in is called Dissimulo. Everyone here has been taken from their homes and placed here. We should probably go; there are monsters here.