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☼ accidental video {FRENCH} ⇉ oo1

[ Good day, residents of Discedo, Spero and Dissimulo! Today you are going to be grace with the image of a rather attractive regal figure wandering down Main street in Dissimulo with some degree of confusion. There's probably between five hundred thousand and a few million euros worth in jewels on him, not to mention the finest silks, a gorgeous hat and a bright feather adorning the side of his hat, not to mention the most ridiculous tights stretched over his legs. ]

[ Ah, yes. It's good to be the king. ]

[ But, maybe not so much in Philippe's opinion. ]

Hello? Is there anyone here? [ Spoken in fluent, albeit it 17th century accented French, it's clear the poor boy is terrified. Not a very kingly way to act indeed. The wandering figure pauses in step, glancing from side to side, then furrows his brows. ]

If there is indeed someone in this village, I would like very much to speak with him. This is the King of France, King Louis of France, and I-- [ Faltering. ] --I...

It... would be appreciated if anyone would be so kind as to speak to me now. [ With a nod, though an unsure one. ] As you should at a king's request. [ Glancing down, mumbling. ] But if you don't wish to, that is fine as well...

[ And with that, the feed cuts out. The poor boy didn't even know it was on, though. ]

video; fuck you guys I can muncest if I want to

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You have got to be kidding me.


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The 'King of France' is here and you expect me to just leave?

Oh, oh no, Francis. Revenge is sweet, and you know how bad my cravings for sweets can get.

[ Tapping his chin. ] Where to start, where to start... I could inform him of what an utter failure you were in the early half of the 20th century, or perhaps I could move forward to your rapidly deteriorating state in the European Union today... oh but then I'd have to explain a lot of boring bollocks, why don't I just start with 1789 and be done with it? He'll probably try to drink poison shortly after anyway.

[ GOD he is so glad he not in a room with you but he is grinning like a madman. ]


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[He dares you.


I know where you live.


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Yes, you would have to be pretty stupid to be incapable of pointing out the United Kingdom on a map, Francis.


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I am not your former colony, Angleterre.

[HE KNOWS YOU KNOW WHAT HE MEANS. Ooh he is watching you, monsieur.]


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No, no, you're simply stupid by your own right. Excuse me, I have King of France to be conversing with, if you don't mind.


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If he learns of any history beyond his year it will be from me, his country.

[now he's just being frighteningly, deadly serious.]

video; french

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[ lala pretending this isn't all in his head ]

If there is a way to offer explanation, sir, I would be in your debt for some time. You sound like a citizen of England: as our countries are not currently at war, I would appreciate any information you have to offer.

video; french

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The explanation is simple, and it is this: You are far away from home. In order to find your way back home, you must cooperate with the community, and stop calling yourself the King of France. No one cares about you being the King of France. Here, we have no kings.

Other than that, welcome to Fortuna.

video; french

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[ Staring at the screen. Just... ]

[ ...staring... ]

...does this mean I am in exile?