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[ Good day, residents of Discedo, Spero and Dissimulo! Today you are going to be grace with the image of a rather attractive regal figure wandering down Main street in Dissimulo with some degree of confusion. There's probably between five hundred thousand and a few million euros worth in jewels on him, not to mention the finest silks, a gorgeous hat and a bright feather adorning the side of his hat, not to mention the most ridiculous tights stretched over his legs. ]

[ Ah, yes. It's good to be the king. ]

[ But, maybe not so much in Philippe's opinion. ]

Hello? Is there anyone here? [ Spoken in fluent, albeit it 17th century accented French, it's clear the poor boy is terrified. Not a very kingly way to act indeed. The wandering figure pauses in step, glancing from side to side, then furrows his brows. ]

If there is indeed someone in this village, I would like very much to speak with him. This is the King of France, King Louis of France, and I-- [ Faltering. ] --I...

It... would be appreciated if anyone would be so kind as to speak to me now. [ With a nod, though an unsure one. ] As you should at a king's request. [ Glancing down, mumbling. ] But if you don't wish to, that is fine as well...

[ And with that, the feed cuts out. The poor boy didn't even know it was on, though. ]


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[--but... how do you address a king over the phone?

Oh well.

He breathes and is tempted to pinch his nose to sound similar, but he shakes off the desire.

Also this is video.]

I am sorry to say Your Majesty, the explanation will be a long and unbelievable one.

video; french

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[ Okay there is no way all of these people can be God. And they can't all be the Devil either, and since there's been three, that would mean there would need to be another person and he just going to accept the fact he is going insane, slowly, and suspend his disbelief for the moment. This is ridiculous. This is all ridiculous. At least this one is speaking mostly perfect French, though sort of softer than he's accustomed to. ]

Please, my citizen, I am prepared to hear all explanations. A king must be duly informed of his current situation, and be prepared to deal appropriately with the situation.

video; french

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Of course Your Majesty! [He gets a little jolt of excitement out of speaking so formally.

But no really they should get down to business.]

My name is Francis Bonnefoy and to speak with you is a great honor. [It's at this point when he barely remembers many nuances from operating in the court centuries ago.


It's not like this situation wasn't already horrendously complicated. They'll live.]

The device with which we're communicating now is ah-- Think of it like a...

... How to explain this...

--It isn't witchcraft, I promise. It is machinery. No one would dare present such a thing to His Majesty, oui? Of course not! I am not trapped anywhere and this is certainly no cause of sin. Think of it like eh... His Majesty would send a bird from one place to another carrying a message, non? And that little bird might take hours or days or weeks. These machines do the same, but without a bird and the effect is instantaneous!

But it's allowed by the Church Your Majesty, I promise!

Oh-- And as for where Your Majesty is, that... is slightly less unbelievable. We of course know of astronomers and their study of the heavens! It so happens that we are on another heavenly body than our own Earth. If only I was speaking madness, my King--but I am not.

This world is called Fortuna. It is a very strange and dangerous place and I cannot stand to know His Majesty walks without protection. I have reason to believe His Majesty is in a city seven hours from where I stand. If His Majesty wills it, I will make haste to protect Him.

[He'll give him a little time before he drops the I'M YOUR COUNTRY bomb.

Look at him, so much love pouring out already! Ooh, he can't stand it, he really can't. This one is young and handsome and his voice is gentle and just look at him--

Feel the loyalty Philippe. Feel it.

Or maybe sense something particular about this man. Perhaps it's his beautiful hair or sparkling blue eyes or maybe it's because he's your country.

Oh wait--]

Ah-- If His Majesty happens to speak to any rude English citizens, I humbly request His Majesty pays them little mind. These people, they hate the French and do not have this nation's interests at heart whatsoever. That is my humble request.

video; french

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[ WOW that's a long explanation. Philippe just blinks and stares back, allowing Francis to speak, nodding ever so occasionally. He didn't really understand the communicators part, but he understood that they're allowed by the church and that's all that he cares about. ]

[ He nods again at the explanation of where he is, but of course, thinks that France is mad and just smiles a little as if to punctuate that. ]

[ Regardless, he is an eager fellow, one who doesn't seem to be saying all this just to fall into the King's good graces, so he smiles truthfully, hesitating at the offer for the man to come and find him, but he figures that no madman can do him worse than what has already been done. He is already far away from home, perhaps far east of France, east of Austria even, in a land beyond what he knows, and he's just glad to be speaking to a Frenchman. ]

That would be acceptable. [ He bites back a please in that sentence. ]

Rude English citizens? But is it not the King's duty to listen to all that beg of him his attentions? If a man, any man, even an English man has something to say, he deserves to be listened to. Whether or not his advice is to be heeded is a different matter entirely, sir. [ Smiling gently now. ]

Kind monsieur Bonnefoy, I shall assure you, upon my return to France, you will be rewarded handsomely for your kindness.


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